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April 1st
New Website launched!
March 12th
Animatele would like to send our kind regards to all participants in the BARG meeting and to thank Vodafone Egypt for their kind hospitality.

Animatele OC SMS Solution

The GSMA Open Connectivity programme was launched to address the complex challenge of establishing and maintaining hundreds of bilateral agreements for voice and data interoperability. OC SMS Hubbing is the turn-key solution for SMS inter-working between multiple networks via a single agreement and connection. SMS Hub participation benefits Network Operators through extension of outbound connectivity, increased inbound messaging from subscribers of foreign networks, for which there is an 80% reply or voice conversion rate and increased visibility over messaging. Animatele provides seamless SMS inter-working between Mobile Network Operators of numerous technologies in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, North America and South America. The Animatele OC SMS Hub is a secure, equitable and time-efficient solution, characterized by:

Market-Leading Security: Animatele provides unparalleled protection against malicious messaging via the Animatele Real-Time-Message-Filter (RTMF), an innovative in-transit filtering engine, developed in-house and applied system-wide. Traffic is scanned at MAP level using a patented and continually updating algorithm derived from a deep experience and billions of live subscriber messages.

Market-Leading Equitability: With the security of the Animatele RTMF platform as a solid foundation, Animatele encourages reciprocation of Net Payment Zero (NPZ) terms. The basis of NPZ inter-working is the most open of open connectivity models: participating Operators agree to a reciprocal arrangement free from termination charges, facilitating economical and transparent traffic exchange and strong revenue assurance.

Market-Leading Time-to-Market: Animatele offers immediate implementation for global SMS connectivity as part of a multiple-layer solution. Three modular services which compliment any existing architecture enable development of a roadmap for optimizing quality of service, revenue and return on investment (ROI) from international SMS messaging:

  • Animatele OC compliant SMS Hubbing (2 way SMS)
  • Animatele SAT SMS Exchange (1.5 way SMS)
  • Animatele SMS Delivery Network (1 way)